"Politics is not inserted into games by critics, but is in fact an integral part of the design process. I think this kind tweetable summary is the point where most people would start to have doubts, so we’re going to drill down on some sample games and make stunningly obvious observations about how their political context has influenced their design. Exciting stuff, right?!"

Game Design Is Always Political I’m Not Even Exaggerating Here | Midnight Resistance (via humanegames)

"Understand that, in real life, there is no such thing as objective neutrality. Everything that everyone does, at all times and places, occurs within some kind of political context - even if you’re stranded alone on a desert island, the absense of society still contributes towards this context. You can assume you will not be arrested for scrumping the odd coconut, for example." 

Great article which breaks down the links between dominant and subaltern culture and the kind of games these produce. 

(via ilikelookingatnakedmen)

(via ilikelookingatnakedmen)

New Smell Of The City

so I guess this it is: the end of summer (as we know it).
the start of our next new nuclear winter.
a nation with no collective memory
is in no position to teach history.
"it doesn’t matter" anyway
it’s about the future.
what is a future without a past?
violent, unjust, uneducated. right now.
thinking has been deemed “inappropriate”

a country with the sensitivity of a self-centered debutante
the strength and attitude of an angry, drunken football player
                                                   -unfinished song from September 2001








I legitimately love this woman

questions and answers


Yes please, explain to me again how this has nothing to do with sexism.



you shouldn’t read this. it’s gross. but it’s so insane that these people think sexism isn’t a problem while they threaten to rape someone just for saying sexism is a problem. it’s like that ‘keep r******* white’ sign. how do you write that out without pausing for a minute and being like ‘hunh’.

but that said, these are the questions I wish I could ask these fools:

1. if being a money grubbing liar is grounds for rape and murder, where do they stand on people like Donald Trump?

2. if being a money grubbing liar is grounds for rape and murder, what is a suitable punishment for rape or murder? where do these guys stand on Darren Wilson’s not having even been charged with anything?


3. do these folks who think Sarkeesian is a money grubbing liar think that journalists, sociologists and anthropologists are generally involved in the cultures they study and report on?

"Your vulva and vagina do not need to be scrubbed clean twice a day. It is not dirty. I repeat: Unless you just ran a marathon, sat in the sun for hours, or rolled naked in the mud, your nether regions are not inherently dirty. The vagina creates a very particular, balanced environment for itself. There’s no need to mess with it."

— Jenny Block, “Let’s Clear Up Some Lies You’ve Been Told About Vaginas" via Huffington Post Women (via bedsider)


New photos depict horrific conditions at border detention center
June 17, 2014

New photos released by Rep. Henry Cuellar’s (D-Texas) office depict the unsanitary and cramped living conditions that undocumented immigrants, many of whom are unaccompanied children, are experiencing in a detention center near the U.S.-Mexico border.

The photos were first published by Business Insider on Monday. Cuellar’s office declined to tell the website who took the photos and where exactly they were taken.

President Barack Obama has previously called the buildup of unaccompanied minors at temporary border facilities an “urgent humanitarian situation,” and the government has directed considerable resources to housing and caring for the children. Customs and Border Protection, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, is supposed to turn over minors to the Department of Health and Human Services within three days, but many children are remaining in detention facilities for longer periods due to the massive influx.

Breitbart Texas released photos of the crisis in early June that showed the undocumented immigrants living in tight, hard-floored spaces. CBP is currently investigating reports that minors have been mistreated at those facilities.

Cuellar, who toured a detention facility in McAllen, Texas, on Saturday with local officials, said in a press release on Monday that he believes federal officers “are doing all that they can under the circumstances to ensure every migrant is treated with dignity and respect.”

"There is no strong protocol in place for dealing with Central American immigrants and some of the most important work left is to improve the process for returning them to their home countries," he said. “The United States needs to do a better job in working with Mexico to strengthen their southern border and to work with the Central American countries of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.”

Vice President Joe Biden is set to travel to Latin America on Friday and will address the surge at the border.


Obama can call this an urgent humanitarian situation all he’d like. His record number of deportations speaks louder than any meaningless lip service. 

Nearly 50,000 unaccompanied minors have crossed the border & detained in these torturous conditions since Oct. 1. This is a state-sanctioned humanitarian crisis & government child abuse. 

(Source: thepeoplesrecord, via owning-my-truth)





Black life is not valued.

"A Georgia man died after police shocked him with a Taser as many as 13 times because he said he was too tired to walk due to a foot chase, his attorney said this week."

13. Times.

this is gross. Fuck the police.




crowtoed submitted to medievalpoc:

This is Maria Christian, my former cast director at the Michigan Renaissance Festival as her character, Princess Isaade M’boukou. Maria’s been designing and wearing African-Elizabethan fusion garb to MiRF for decades, so she has a few different gowns and headpieces in rotation. In addition to her duties keeping the stage acts organized, as Isaade she acts as an impresario at the feasts, talks about West African traditions and folklore, and is much needed and treasured PoC representation on the cast.

I go to the Michigan RenFest every year and I remember see this woman’s amazing dresses. Fun fact, we also have The Nun, who roams the grounds in a period habit trying to save souls and punishing nonbelievers. She’s also a very awesome black woman.

That sounds amazing and terrifying.